Lesson Rates and Frequently Asked Questions

Lesson Rates

Our 1/2 hour piano lessons in your home are $45.00 per lesson. For two children in the same family, each 1/2 hour lesson is $37.50. For three or more children, please call for additional information.

Lessons for the month are payable at the beginning of each month by check.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best age to start a child in Piano Prep School?

Most children are ready to begin Piano Prep School by age 4, although we have successfully taught children as young as 3.

How long are the piano lessons?

Lessons are one-half hour in length.

Do I need a piano at my home?

Yes, an acoustic piano or suitable electronic piano is necessary for lessons. Although an electronic piano need not have 88 keys, it should be velocity-sensitive, meaning it is capable of being played softly or loudly depending on touch. An electronic piano with weighted keys is also helpful, as it more closely emulates the “feel” of a real piano.

What is your cancellation policy?

If a lesson needs to be cancelled (minimum six hours email or telephone notice), a lesson credit is given towards the next month of instruction.

Do you encourage parent participation during or between lessons?

Yes. Parents are always welcome to observe and/or participate in each lesson. Parental involvement in the child’s activities and assignments is also very beneficial between lessons. You don’t need to have a musical background to help – just demonstrating your interest in your child’s music education and activities goes a long way in furthering progress and reinforcing the lesson.


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For Further Information Or To Schedule Lessons:

Please use the contact form or contact Robin Alciatore directly at 310.545.7715